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I placed a custom order for pink and lavender decorated poodle cookies to tie in with my specific table color scheme.The baker/owner, Samantha Ngy, decided to change my custom colors so she didn’t have to mix new frosting (according to her she was already using yellow for another order).

She omitted the hair bows, thereby leaving a big unfrosted spot on the top of each head. When contacted she was argumentative and defensive. This was a horrible experience with an unprofessional baker.

Please look at the pictures I have provided.I suggest you avoid Flour De Lis Bakery based in Seattle, WA and doing business via website, eBay and Etsy to name a few.

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I can't remember my login, but I am PEOTea who posted the ugly cookies.The taste was ok...

nothing special. I very much like sugar cookies or shortbread cookies. These were fairly thick for sugar, or thin for shortbread. Very little flavor but not disagreeable either.


What I objected to was that they were not decorated as promised and looked less than professional.For a poodle event, they were an embarrassment.


How did theyTaste?

Simi Valley, California, United States #645758

I think they are awful and you have every right to be upset.If I saw the ones you got I never would order them.

They look ugly with the bald part on the top of the head. It looks like the dog got hit on the head and has a big bump.

It is false advertising to show a photo and then send something else.:(

to Anonymous #661545

I agree, the ones on the left look adorable. the ones on the right appear to have been done by an unexperienced apprentice.

Houston, Texas, United States #645639

:grin,i think the poodle cookies are beutiful !!

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